He’s Not Finished With You Yet

11244525_1456005518053902_596784174_nThis article is written by Calli May on her blog at Calli May Hey.

I got in a car accident recently, and I have never felt so close to death. It’s crazy because even as I watched the whole thing flash before me like a bad dream, I had total peace. I knew God was with me and I knew Nick and I would make it. When I opened my eyes I felt pain in my body, but even stronger than the pain, I felt the peace of God and an overwhelming amount of thankfulness. The car was smoking a bit, so calmly I told my friend Nick, who was driving, that we needed to get out. When I got a good look at the car I started to giggle, humored that I wasn’t dead or badly injured. I seriously had to look at my body and double check that I hadn’t lost a leg or something because I didn’t believe it was possible. I felt pain in my hips from the seat belt and the right side of my face was numb and bleeding from a couple cuts. I repeated over and over again with joy “Thank you Jesus!”

I was in total shock from the accident, but I was not surprised that my sweet Jesus was with me that day holding me as I got in the wreck. “Someone was praying for me today”, I thought in my mind. Later, as I was on the phone with my dad he told me he had been thinking about me all day and he and my mother had been praying for me that morning. The power of prayer is astounding; the faithfulness of The Father to answer our prayers is even more astounding.

Back in October, I lost a friend I went to ministry school with from a terrible car accident. I remember how much her death shook me up. I was never more aware of the fragility and shortness of life then the day she passed away. Oddly enough the morning of the wreck, I had been thinking about the verse “For to me, to live is Christ and to die is gain.” Philippians 1:21, NIV. I was thinking about death and how I wasn’t afraid of death, but I definitely wanted to be able to spread the love of Jesus here on earth a little bit longer. Little did I know, I would be at deaths door later that day. When it hit me that I had been thinking about that verse I started to cry. GOD WASN’T FINISHED WITH ME YET. It could’ve happened to anyone, but I never thought that someone would have been me.

By the grace of God, Nick and I are not severely injured. My neck and back are in quite a bit of pain from the accident, but it could have been a lot worse. Nick didn’t have a scratch on him and his neck is the only thing that has been in pain. WHAT?! I only have one explanation…the grace, protection and power of our mighty and loving God. God is good. Even if I would have been severely hurt, God still would have been good. God is not the author of pain, but I believe He allows the pain to shape who we are. I pray this testimony of God’s grace makes us all see the fragility of life. It could have been anyone in that wreck; it could have been you. But guess what friend, I am still alive and well today and I know my story isn’t over. He isn’t finished with me yet, and if you are still breathing in oxygen and releasing carbon dioxide, I have news for you…HE ISN’T FINISHED WITH YOU EITHER. Start living like today could be your last. Life is fragile and life is short. Choose to live your life for something bigger than yourself. It’s not over until God says it is.

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