Gathering of Gods Children was founded in 2013, started with a dream from God one night. The heart of the matter is to disciple and give the future generation a site where they can learn more about God when they realistically can’t make it to church. GO Gods Children came from Gathering of Gods Children, started by Austin JM Ross, an actor/entrepreneur who’s goal is to love God with all his heart soul and mind and love others.

“Whether YOU think YOU can or YOU can’t, You’re probably right.”
“Remember the big picture, Don’t take offence, Don’t believe the lie.”

“The mission field is the WORLD”  to affect all who are effected by Film/TV, to give them an answer to the call we give them.
“The only way to escape normal life is to accept risk. The key is selflessness to allow god to move in you and risk”
With showing our audience who they truly are by inspiring them for much greater.

I want to CHANGE this WORLD that God has given me, to bring Heaven to Earth which Jesus Christ started and showed us the example of how we can, it is by us living in our true identity. The goal is to show the word what it already wants, to be the the light that Jesus loves them.  So I’ll be myself and you be yourself, if you feel called to help, please contact us here.

on side ABOUT – A community of everyday people encouraging the church.