1170459_171767149697498_1739785856_nThis article is written by Lillian Lapoint & featured on Brave Magazine.

Our generation might be the busiest the world has ever known. Our schedule is usually filled to the brim. It starts with school and homework, then we add sports and clubs. Then any volunteering or jobs. Also any obligations that school or family put on us, like community service, church, or events. Hopefully there is enough time for friends and dating, and after all that it can be hard to find any down time for yourself. With all the craziness of life, how are we supposed to add God into it all?

A few years ago, when I was in high school, I wanted to get serious about spending time with God. But with how busy I was, it seemed impossible to fit it in. I knew God was supposed to be a top priority. But I also knew God didn’t want me skipping rehearsal or neglecting to do my homework and spend time with Him. I remember thinking to myself every night before bed, “I just don’t know what to do.”

After struggling with this for years, I graduated high school and came to Bible college. One day I expressed my struggle to a friend and she said,

“I like to see it like eating throughout the day. When I get hungry but don’t have time for a meal, I take a little snack here and there, but when I find some spare time, I take advantage and have myself a whole meal.”

This helped me find ways to spend more time with God. I came up with ways to take those small moments with God, until I could find time when I could spend a good amount of time with Him. You can do it this way too!

Here are some ideas I’ve come up with to help find those little moments with God:

1) Sign up for a quick devotional on the YouVersion Bible App.

I love these. Whenever I have a free moment, I can pull out my phone anywhere and at any time and quickly read a little bit of God’s Word. I can also highlight and bookmark any verses that I want to look at again later, or write a note on what I think about the passage. Got more time? Write out what the Bible passage is saying and think about it a little. Then write what you can do to apply this lesson to your life, then carry that out as soon as possible.

2) Make a prayer book.

Keep a small little notebook in your bag or purse and write things down that you want to pray about throughout your day. Before you do something, like your homework or a shower, say a quick prayer over each need. It doesn’t matter how long your prayer is- God will always hear your prayer if your heart is true. Got more time? Spend ten to twenty minutes praying to God, not just for your needs but praising Him, listening for His voice, or just talking to Him about anything, just like you would any friend.

3) Listen to worship music instead of secular music.

I’m not saying you have to do this all the time, but just listening to worship or Christian music can give a you a small moment to worship God. Listen to the words and sing along as if you were saying them to God. Got more time? Spend a moment making your room into a worship zone. Turn on the music and worship God with all your might. Let His Presence surround you and rest in Him.

Do you have any ideas? Let us know below! I pray that this post helps you find the time you need with God.


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